City's top wage earners for 2013

Following is the list of top 20 wage earners in the city, based on 2013 earnings. The lists are broken down into the top 10 wage earners on the city side of the budget, and the top 10 wage earners on the school side of the budget.

Top Paid City Employees

Dr. Andrew McBride, Health Director, $137,790

Keith Mello, Police Chief, $133,557

Carlos Rios, Firefighter, $127,470

Steven Romano, Fire Lieutenant, $124,863

Peter Erodici Jr., Finance Director, $122,327

Jason Bocchetta, Firefighter, $120,920

Thomas Bassett, Police Sergeant, $119,595

Bruce Kolwicz, Retired Public Work Director, $118,051

Douglas Youd, Police Sergeant, $113,942

Antonio Vitti, Police Sergeant, $113,635

Top Paid School Employees

Dr. Elizabeth Feser, Superintendent, $205,101

Robert Cummings, Assistant Superintendent, $156,307

Francis Thompson, High School Principal, $142,695

James Richetelli, Chief Operations Officer, $141,025

Susan Kelleher, Director of Pupil Personnel, $140,903

Catherine Williams, Middle School Principal, $138,800

Vince Scarpetti, Middle School Principal, $137,700

Clifford Dudley, Elementary School Principal, $137,088

Melissa Currier, Elementary School Principal, $135,746

Caroline Keramis, Elementary School Principal, $134,438

Sean Smyth, Elementary School Principal, $134,438

Rosemarie Lacobelle, Elementary School Principal, $134,438

Robert Davis, Elementary School Principal, $134,438

Amy Fedigan, Elementary School Principal, $134,438