City of Milford's top wage earners for 2014 listed

MILFORD: Following is a list of top wage earners for the city and school system for 2014. Each list contains the top 20 paid employees in each category.

Top school wage earners

for 2014

Elizabeth Feser, superintendent of schools, $211,823.42

Robert Cummings, assistant superintendent, $155,680.04

Max Berkowitz, high school principal, $146,857.48

Paulette Powell-Reeves, guidance counselor (retired), $145,490.70

Francis Thompson, high school principal, $145,015.65

James Richetelli, chief operations officer, $144,559.42

Susan Kelleher, director of pupil personnel services, $144,552.15

Vince Scarpetti, middle school principal, $141,440.62

Catherine Williams, middle school principal, $141,040.68

Steven Gottlieb, middle school principal, $139,940.68

Clifford Dudley, elementary school principal, $139,625.01

Melissa Currier, elementary school principal, $136,625.01

Amy Fedigan, elementary school principal, $136,625.01

Caroline Keramis, elementary school principal, $136,625.01

Rosemarie Lacobelle, elementary school principal, $136,625.01

Sean Smyth, elementary school principal, $136,625.01

Carole Swift, elementary school principal, $134,666.01

Sharon Kluchnick, supervisor pupil personnel services, $134,064.13

Gail Krois, elementary school principal, $133,951.69

Christine Kennedy, supervisor pupil personnel svcs, $133,571.20

Top city wage earners

for 2014

Tracy Mooney, deputy police chief (retired), $175,041.92

Antonio Vitti, police sergeant (retired), $147,652.56

Andrew D. McBride, health director (retired), $140,718.35

Keith Mello, police chief, $136,599.29

Thomas Bassett, police sergeant, $134,572.13

Richard Anderson, police sergeant, $134,516.91

Robert Nash, police officer (retired), $129,193.50

Peter Erodici, finance director, $124,922.04

Todd Richards, police sergeant (retired), $119,740.37

William Cable, police lieutenant, $118,801.87

Dennis Broderick, police officer, $114,770.86

Stephen Young, police officer, $114,387.32

David Rainey, sanitation foreman, $113,758.43

David Tobias, firefighter, $113,484.48

Kenneth Rahn, police captain, $113,098.02

Evan Beauvais, police sergeant, $111,616.39

Douglas Edo, fire chief, $110,829.93

Gary Todice, police officer, $109,022.89

Robert Turner, fire battalion chief, $108,239.50

Patrick McGee, firefighter, $107,768.67