Cars vandalized, lit on fire in Meadowside area during night

Milford, Ct: Neighbors in a Meadowside neighborhood said several cars were lit on fire and others ransacked by vandals overnight.

On Monday morning, police had blocked off part of Mayflower Place and Breakneck Lane, which runs off Meadowside Road, an area of Cape Cod-style homes and raised ranches just behind Silver Sands State Park.

William Beck, who lives on West Mayflower Place, said he got up at about 5:15 a.m. and noticed that the windows of his mini-van were darkened. He opened the door and saw flames, then grabbed a fire extinguisher to douse them.

“I’m totaled,” Beck said about his vehicle.

Other neighbors suffered similar damage. Two vehicles were lit on fire several houses down from him, and another was burned just beyond Breakneck Lane.

Police said four cars suffered arson damage and items were stolen from another nine vehicles. Stolen items included GPS units, money and other personal items.

“A majority of the vehicles were left unlocked prior to the incidents,” police said in a prepared statement.

They said the vandalism and arson involved cars on Carlson Drive, Breakneck Lane, Mayflower Place and West Mayflower Place.

One young woman said her car was ransacked, the contents of her glove compartment spilled on the floor. But her purse, which she had left on the back seat, was untouched.

“I was pretty lucky I guess,” she said.

A Mayflower Place resident said he didn’t hear anything unusual during the night until about 5 a.m., when he heard firetrucks coming down the road.

The Milford Police Department will be communicating with residents in the area regarding the incidents through mass notification messaging with the Milford Alerts system.

“Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles when unattended, secure belongings and report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods immediately to the police department,” police said.

During an afternoon press conference, Police Spokesman Jeff Nielsen said there will be increased police patrols in the neighborhood.

Police are continuing with the investigation and are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Jeff Cortes at 203-783-4731, email or visit and click on “Crime Tips” to report the information.