Carjacking attempt in Milford: Police say suspect on PCP

Police said a New Haven man on PCP, also called angel dust, tried to pull a woman out of her car in an attempted carjacking Aug. 29 in Milford.

According to a police report, Milford Police Officer James Preto saw a man leaning into a vehicle’s driver side window in the parking lot of Howard Johnson’s Motel on the Boston Post Road at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, and then he heard a woman in the car yell for help and start waving her arms for attention.

Police ordered the man, Eric Lewis, 35, of New Haven, to back away from the vehicle and place his hands behind his back. Lewis refused and began fighting with officers on the scene, police said. Police fired a stun gun at Lewis, but they said it had little effect on him due to the PCP that he was on.

Eventually, several officers were able to place Lewis under arrest.

The woman in the car told police that she was waiting for a different person in the parking lot when Lewis approached her vehicle and tried to open the door and pull her out.

Lewis was later found to be in possession of marijuana laced with PCP, police said. He was charged with breach of peace, assault on police, interfering/resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, possession of a hallucinogen, and criminal attempt at carjacking.

Lewis was held on $10,000 bond to appear in Milford Court Aug. 30.