Car runs into house, causing gas leak

Sunday night at 11:45 p.m., the Milford Fire Department responded to the scene of an accident at 9 Ludlow Drive, where a car drove into a house. No one was injured, but firefighters remained at the scene for several hours to make sure a gas leak was under control.

The vehicle struck the right side of the house, causing severe damage to the structure and also causing a gas leak by breaking the gas line where it entered the home, according to Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman.

Fire crews tried to slow the leak with temporary plugs while waiting for the gas company to arrive. Gas monitoring was conducted within the home and also at adjoining homes. Multiple hose lines were deployed in case of a fire and the power was shut off to the house.

It took some time for the gas company to shut off the gas supply because they had to have an excavator come to the scene and dig up the road to access the shut off valve. Once this was completed, monitoring of the home was conducted again to make sure it was safe.

“We then used our technical rescue unit to shore up and strengthen the damaged area of the house under the direction of the building department,” Carman said.

There were no injuries reported to either the driver or the occupants of the home. Firefighters were cleared from the scene by 3:11 a.m.