Cap sales at Lids in Milford benefit Boston bombing victims

The cap on the counter at Lids, a hat store at the Connecticut Post mall, is embroidered with the words “Pray for Boston.”

Lids, like many individuals, businesses and organizations around the country, is doing its part to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing: Proceeds from Boston-related hat sales will go to the One Fund Boston account to help bombing victims.

Micayla Pettway of Bridgeport designed the cap that sits on display at the local Lids store.

She said it was last week that the district manager sent an email to all the Lids stores asking an employee to design a hat with a Boston theme to kick off the fund-raiser.

Pettway took up the challenge, drawing on her own experience the day of the bombing. She remembers feeling anxiety as the news spread April 15 about the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Pettway didn’t know anyone running, but her cousin lives a few minutes from the site and was just starting work that day as a pastry chef at Fenway Park.

“She was OK, thank God,” Pettway said.

So when the directive came in to embroider a hat with a Boston message, Pettway chose a simple message and simple design. The words “Pray for Boston” sit next to a simple, looped ribbon.

She said people may choose that design or they may come up with their own. A complex embroidery machine at Lids lets the staff create the words and images that a customer requests on the hat of their choice.

Embroidery is $10, and the hats run from $14 to $17. She said half the embroidery cost, or $5, from each Boston-related hat will go to the One Fund Boston account.

Since the fund-raiser started last week, about half a dozen of the hats she designed have sold, and people have come in with their own designs, too.

Pettway said it makes her feel good to be helping. “I like it, especially when someone comes and buys the hat,” she said.