Candido retires from marshal job

Anthony Candido, a former city police commissioner embroiled in a sexual harassment charge at his job, retired from his post as chief judicial marshal in Superior Court in Waterbury, most likely ending the saga that has been going on more than a year.
Candido’s attorney, Hugh Keefe, confirmed that Candido, 70, retired and will be able to collect his pension and other benefits he was entited to upon retirement.

Officials have said this will likely end the investigation into Candido’s actions, unless it is determined that there was any criminal aspect to his behavior.
Candido also resigned from the Police Commission amid allegations of sexual harassment at his job. Police Chief Keith Mello said that in his resignation letter, Candido said, "I feel I do not want to be a distraction to the operations of the City of Milford and to the men and women of the Milford Police Commission.”
An investigation report completed by the state Judicial Branch concluded that Candido violated the court's workplace sexual harassment policy by hugging and kissing several women, including a lawyer who works for the Department of Children and Families.
The report also concluded that Candido violated a work ethics policy by not following the directive of his superior to remove personal awards and plaques from his office wall.
The report charges Candido with hugging and kissing many women through the course of his workdays at the courthouse.
Candido, in addition to being a police commissioner, has long headed the Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities, raising money and awareness for people in need of housing assistance, wheelchairs and the like.
The woman who filed the initial complaint noted that Candido had set up his offce “like a shrine” to those he had helped in the community.
The investigation report notes that Candido told investigators he did not engage in any inappropriate touching or conversation with his accusor. He also told investigators that he often hugs people.
In the report, one judicial marshal referred to Candido's regular behavior as "trolling for girls," saying that he often met in his office with teenage Hispanic girls, and that some of the girls would come looking for him, referring to him as "Uncle Tony."
Candido was placed on administrative leave Dec. 2 from his job as chief judicial marshal, after working for the judicial system for 31 years.
Candido has received several awards over the years for his charitable work, including a Volunteer of the Year award from the Easter Seals organization.