Café Atlantique spreads word about breast cancer awareness

October is here and Café Atlantique is inviting the Milford community to honor loved ones during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Individuals are invited to write meaningful messages with markers on the windows of the 33 River Street café’ to spread awareness and honor those touched by breast cancer. Local artists have also stopped by the café to decorate these memorial windows as part of a program created by Café Atlantique owner Tina Roberts.

Donations are appreciated but not obligatory and proceeds will go directly to the Get In Touch Foundation. The Milford-based Get In Touch Foundation provides breast health initiatives that educate men and women of all ages about how to "get in touch" with their bodies, information, and each other in the crusade against breast cancer, according to the Get in Touch Foundation website.

Roberts said this is the second year for people to participate in writing and drawing on the café windows to show love, honor and support. Everyone is invited and there is no purchase necessary.

Support and awareness for breast cancer research is very meaningful to Roberts.

“It’s something for Breast Cancer Awareness Month  to engage the community, share experiences and find comfort in the sharing.,” Roberts said. “I lost my mom and my sister both to breast cancer, so it’s important to me.”

People who walk into Café Alantique will find a selection of bright, colorful markers on top of a cooler along with a container for donations that go to the Get In Touch Foundation.

“Just walk in, write a short message of hope, love and support,” said Roberts.

One of the managers, Olivia Anderson, lost her mother due to breast cancer, so she makes a point of finding ways to contribute to this cause. She said the beautiful messages and images on the windows help and comfort her.

“It’s really encouraging to look around knowing that I’m not the only one that’s lost someone near and dear to them, so that just gives back to our community, knowing that we’re all here for each other,” Anderson said.

Roberts explained that this particular act of supporting victims of this disease brings the community together.

“This is all about community and for one month we get to honor our loved ones in a community place,” she said. “It’s not about purchasing anything, it’s not about the café. This is all about our loved ones who we’ve lost or have survived breast cancer.”

Anderson and Roberts believe writing on these memorial windows is a very unique opportunity for individuals to connect with one another, especially for such an important cause.

According to Anderson, “It’s a nice way to connect with people because I feel like we’re losing that with our technology age and it’s hard to really have a one-on-one conversation about something this serious.”