Business forum, Chatfield Farms, tax credits and more - Town Hall Talk

Proposed Chatfield Farms

Estates-Beacon Falls

The Beacon Falls Planning and Zoning Board has passed the change to their zoning regulations to allow the proposed Chatfield Farms Estates project to move forward. This is a 266-unit Active Adult Community that will border on Bethany with an access road onto Miller Road.

This project will have an adverse effect on the health, safety and welfare of Bethany residents. The Town of Bethany is filing an appeal.

Bethany Business Roundtable

Over 50 hardy souls braved the slush and sleet on the night of Tuesday, Feb. 3 to attend an open forum to discuss the interests and concerns of our local businesses. Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jim Seaton reviewed the B& I Zoning Regulations and then we opened the floor for questions/comments. My primary intention in calling this meeting was to allow our businessmen/women to express their opinions about the regulations that affect them outside the legal formality of a Public Hearing.

I also thought it would be helpful for town officials to hear those opinions/concerns in an informal and open setting. Town Attorney Kevin McSherry, P&Z Chairperson Sharon Huxley, Economic Development Chairperson Tom Cavaliere, Zoning Enforcement Officer Robert Brinton, Assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer Isabel Kearns as well as members of the Planning and Zoning and Economic Development Commissions were available to answer questions.

There was a healthy exchange of ideas between the attendees and town officials. At the end of the meeting there was widespread agreement to form a Bethany Business Association that will work with our Economic Development Commission to articulate and propose changes to the B&I Regulations. Of course, any such proposals will have to go through the legal Public Hearing process. However, I think it is fitting for the Economic Development Commission to assist our existing businesses in interfacing with the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Real Estate Tax Credits

for Elderly and Disabled

The Assessor's Office will be taking applications for tax credits until May 15, 2004. This is a real estate tax credit program for homeowners who meet certain income guidelines (annual income under $26,500 for singles and $32,300 for married couples) and were at least 65 years of age as of December 31, 2003. Those homeowners who are disabled can also apply if they don't qualify for the elderly homeowners program because they are under age 65. If you have any questions, please call Jean Rushworth in the Assessor's Office at 393-2100, ext. 112.

Derrylyn Gorski is Bethany First Selectwoman