Bridges takes over Young Parent Program of Milford

Bridges has assumed management and operations of the Young Parent Program, according to Barbara DiMauro, president and CEO of Bridges…A Community Support System, Inc., and Susan McGrath, board chair of the Young Parent Program of Milford.
The Young Parent Program offers prevention and reproductive and sexual health education, pregnancy prevention and community outreach activities. Founded in 1987, the Young Parent Program also offers confidential services to pregnant and parenting teens and young adults up to age 22, and includes prenatal care, individual support and referral to other community resources.

“Ensuring the health and well-being of pregnant and parenting young women, their babies, and the fathers of the children is critical to the long-term success of these families,” said DiMauro. “This program meets a vital need in our community, and is the only program in our area to offer these specific services. We are very excited to devote Bridges’ extensive experience with youth and young adults, and agency resources to continue the work of the Young Parent Program and broaden our outreach, prevention and education services for youth and young adults.”

The Young Parent Program will join a growing list of services Bridges offers under the umbrella of its Youth and Adult Outreach Department. The Young Parent Program will continue to help and support teens and young adults by promoting healthy choices, responsible decision-making, healthy birth outcomes, and prevention of future unwanted pregnancies, agency officials said.

“Bridges has a long history of helping young people make good decisions and take positive action when they are faced with challenging circumstances,” said McGrath. “We thank Karen Schur for her many years of dedication to serving the young women and men who have turned to the Young Parent Program for assistance.”

Schur recently retired after serving as the program’s executive director the past 18 years. McGrath will join Bridges’ board of directors.

All the Young Parent Program services can be accessed confidentially by calling 203-301-2353,   or emailing

Bridges offers a comprehensive range of mental health, addictions and primary care services.  Over 8,000 area residents received assistance from Bridges in 2015.  With its headquarters in Milford, Bridges is the state- designated Local Mental Health Authority for Milford, Orange and West Haven, and provides services to several other area towns.