Boys & Girls Club gets extra funds

The Milford Board of Aldermen voted to add money to one grant allocation during this year’s budget deliberations. Adding money to a Board of Finance-approved allocation doesn’t usually happen. Clearly, the aldermen agreed that the Boys & Girls Club of Milford was worthy of the addition. We agree. While there are many worthwhile and necessary nonprofit groups in Milford that receive some city funds, this club, which is relatively new, merits the extra consideration.

Not to be confused with Boys & Girls Village, which serves at-risk youth, the Boys & Girls Club of Milford is designed to provide youngsters a place to go after school.

Nationwide, the organization does great things for a community’s youth, and the same thing can be said here. The Boys & Girls Club of Milford provides a place for young people to go after school and during holidays and summer vacation. The program offers interesting and beneficial classes for its members and plenty of recreational activities.

During last week’s Board of Aldermen budget vote, Alderman Greta Stanford suggested the aldermen add $5,000 to the finance-approved allocation of $65,000. The measure passed after Stanford explained that the money will enable additional youngsters to take part in the program. Alderman Paula Smith added that the funds would allow the hiring of additional part-time staff needed to meet the needs of additional members.

There are other ways people can help the Boys & Girls Club, too.

According to the organization’s website, gifts in kind are appreciated. Currently, there is a need for new or gently used printers, scanners, digital cameras, and equipment for the games room.

The Boys & Girls Club also accepts donations of school supplies, such as paper, pencils, glue, and rulers, as well as board games and sports equipment.

The Boys & Girls Club is located at 14 Benham Avenue. It is reportedly outgrowing that space and is looking for new accommodations.

For information, go to or call 203-713-8055.