Borough celebrates Saturday with annual Woodmont Day

The 57th Annual Woodmont Day will be held throughout the day at Trubee Doolittle Park on Saturday, July 27. The event features food, music, history and more.

There will be a 5K, a pie-eating contest and a parade to kick off the day.

Woodmont is a borough of the City of Milford, in New Haven County. The population was 1,488 at the 2010 census.

The borough was first created by Special Act of Connecticut General Assembly in 1893 as the Woodmont Improvement Association. In 1903, it became the Woodmont Association. It became a municipality in 1957 when the Connecticut General Assembly passed House Bill No. 2443, “An Act to Change the Association Status of Woodmont to Borough Status.”

Woodmont is one of nine boroughs in Connecticut, according to the borough website.

“The government of the borough works closely with the City of Milford to provide services such as road maintenance, snow plowing, street lighting, beach maintenance, and supplemental police service,” the site states. “There is an extra yearly tax assessment, beyond what is owed to the City of Milford, for borough residents to pay for services in excess of what the City of Milford provides to the rest of Milford.”

Each year the community gathers to celebrate the beach, community and the borough’s history at Woodmont Day.