Book by Milford's Scott Schulte lands on NYT best sellers list

Former Milford resident Scott Schulte recently wrote a biography of wrestling great Dan Gable. The book, A Wrestling Life: The Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable, has landed on the New York Times best sellers list for sports books. For Schulte, this is a milestone that hasn’t sunk completely in.
“Just writing a book with Gable has been huge for me,” said Schulte, a state champion wrestler at Jonathan Law High School in 1982. “For the book to then make it to the Times Best Sellers list is surreal.”
Schulte has always held Gable in the highest regard as the 1972 Olympic gold medalist who led the Iowa Hawkeyes to 15 NCAA titles in his 21 years as head coach.
Meeting Gable at a wrestling camp when he was just 14 years old, Schulte recalls Gable’s grappling instruction vividly.
“I remember getting all twisted and mangled as Dan showed me this [wrestling] move,” Schulte said. “It was painful but I felt pretty cool being in that kind of situation with the one and only Dan Gable.”
The best part for the local of writing the book has been getting to know Gable as a friend.
“I don’t know how many people get to spend such time with their childhood hero.”
As for the future, Schulte has narrowed his selection of people for his next book. He won’t disclose any names, but they are popular athletes.
“I don’t want to say it’s someone and then not have it come through,” Schulte said. “I will say, though, the people on the short list are very popular in the world of sports.”
As for getting another book on the Times list, Schulte said, “It would be great to do it again, but I’m enjoying the excitement of the moment.”
Schulte also noted the people who helped make the Gable book possible.
“I can’t name names but suffice to say many people helped me through the book process,” Schulte said. “Most of all, my father, Linwood Schulte. He sacrificed a lot so that I could be at his home completely focused on this project. Anyone who knows my father knows he’s the kind of person who would help me like he did.”