Board OKs new house on Tremont Street

The Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously to approve a special permit and coastal area site plan review for a proposed new house at 20 Tremont Street.
Aviel Suarez plans to construct a two-story, 2,200-square-foot single family home on piles at 20 Tremont Street. The house will be elevated out of the flood zone with a two-car garage on the first level under the house.
The 0.1-acre property is located in the R-5 zone. The previous house on the property has already been demolished. Kathy and Dimos Mitas are the owners.
The board conducted a public hearing on the proposal at its May 7 meeting, but postponed the vote until its May 21 meeting, citing plan changes that its members did not have time to review.
Board member Robert Satti said at the May 7 meeting that the board received revisions to the plans after 7 p.m. that evening and did not have time to review those changes prior to the meeting. No one from the public was present at the May 7 hearing to comment on the plans.
Board Chairman Jim Quish said at the May 7 meeting that there were more than a dozen concerns raised by the city engineer and listed in his review. In a May 1 memo, City Engineer Gregory H. Pidluski detailed sections of the plans that he deemed incomplete, such as calculations for stormwater runoff.
At the May 21 hearing, Suarez detailed the plan updates in response to Pidluski’s concerns.
As part of the approval, the board included the condition that the applicant satisfy the issues described by Pidluski in his memo “to his satisfaction.”
At its March 12 meeting, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) rejected an application to vary the side yard setback to 2.9 feet, where 5 feet is required, and to vary the stair projection to 2 feet where 4 feet is required.
In other business, the board unanimously approved a coastal area site plan review for a single-family house at 695 East Broadway.
The board added the conditions that the plans comply with the requirements of Pidluski, which include replacing the curb and sidewalk on the property, and details related to storm water drainage and the location of sewer and gas lines.
Attorney Thomas Lynch said that Tom Bergstraesser and Maria Belousova of Manhattan purchased the property last month with the intent of constructing a seasonal home. Lynch said the previous home on the property was destroyed from either Hurricane Irene or Super Storm Sandy.
Lynch said the property has front and side yard variances from 1979 that still apply. The Zoning Board of Appeals permit from April 19, 1979 indicates the side yard setback varied to 2 feet on one side from the required 5 foot minimum, and to 4 feet on the other side from the required 10 foot minimum. The front yard setback was varied to 7 feet from the required 10 feet.
He said the 2,200-square-foot house with a modern design would be 34.5 feet in height. The four-bedroom house will be placed on piers to raise it above the flood elevation of 13 feet.