Blizzard of 2015 not as bad as predicted

With reports of up to eight inches of snow in much of Milford Tuesday morning, Blizzard 2015 didn’t pack nearly the punch that was predicted. It did, however, close schools, businesses and roads.

“It was our most significant storm of the season, and we were prepared for the worst,” said Mayor Ben Blake.

Schools were closed Tuesday, city buildings shut Monday at 5 p.m. and were closed to the public Tuesday, parking bans and driving bans were put in place, and city plows and extra plowing forces scoured the roads for a storm that was at times predicted to bring two feet or more of snow to Milford.

The city fared well. There were no power outages or flooding — other than the typical high tide problem areas — according to the mayor.

Firefighters had been keeping an eye on the shoreline Monday night, focusing on a 4 a.m. Tuesday high tide.

“We were a little bit nervous,” the mayor said. “But no flooding.”

Fire Department spokesman Greg Carman said there were some minor issues, but nothing serious.

“Milford was lucky so far and seems to have dodged a bullet from this storm,” Carman said Tuesday morning. “We had only a few minor medical calls and one fire alarm last night. Flooding was found in some street areas — that is normal for this kind of weather. The wind from the northeast kept any serious flooding away from our shores and the early warnings to the public to stay off the streets and keep indoors has made Milford practically incident-free.”