Blake earns 4th term in Milford, Rohrig defeats Rose

MILFORD — Incumbent Democratic Mayor Ben Blake soared to victory for a fourth-term Tuesday running unopposed.

In the most contentious race in the city, incumbent Joanne Lasse Rohrig was re-elected as City Clerk. She defeated state Rep. Kim Rose, a Democrat, by an unofficial tally of about 249 votes.

Blake, who always bubbles with enthusiasm about life in his hometown of Milford, said recently the under ticket this year was the “most impressive team we’ve seen in the last generation,” and he was working hard to get them elected and re-elected.

Blake said recently that during his three terms as mayor he and the team have “streamlined” government, making it more efficient.

Blake says Milford has undergone an “economic renaissance,” with new businesses moving in and existing businesses expanding, leading to growth in the tax list, and tax cuts over the last three years.

In highlighting more accomplishments under his watch, Blake has said the city has paved more miles of streets than ever before, expanded and improved recreation facilities and established a new automated garbage collection system that’s more efficient and safer.