Milford Republicans go into Election Day making a push for more seats

Photo of Brian Gioiele

MILFORD — Republicans go into Election Day making a push to reclaim power over a city government dominated by Democrats.

Democratic Mayor Ben Blake - the city leader who has authored six consecutive tax rate decreases - is seeking his sixth consecutive term against GOP challenger Peter Berube, making his first run for political office in the city. Polls are open Nov. 2 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Republicans will also be vying to recapture the Board of Aldermen, on which Democrats hold a 9-6 advantage. All districts have four candidates running - two Democrats, two Republicans - with voters selecting up to three.

In District 1, the only one with a Republic majority, GOP candidates Tony Giannattasio and Jay Tranquilli are seeking reelection, as is Democratic incumbent Michelle Parente. Democrat Matt Arciuolo II is also challenging for a seat in District 1.

In District 2, incumbent Ward Willis is joined by Robert Pacelli, Jr., on the Democratic ticket. Incumbent Scott Marlow is seeking a return to District 2 on the Republican side. Republican Chris Goulden is also running for a spot in the district.

Incumbent Democrats Brett Broesder and Marty Hardiman are being challenged by Republicans Erik Smith and Michael Casey in District 3.

District 4 has only one incumbent - Democrat Phil Vetro. The other three candidates in the district are Democrat John Moffitt and Republicans Dan German and Tara Galbo.

In District 5, incumbent Democrats Ellen Beatty and Greg Harla and incumbent Republican Ray Vitali are joined on the ballot by Republican Suzanne DiBiasi.

Republicans are also making a push for more representation on the Board of Education, on which Democrats hold a 9-1 advantage. Each district - except District 2 - has four candidates running for two spots.

In District 1, Betsy Ratner is seeking reelection on the Democratic ticket, alongside Gary Peluchette. District 1 features Andy Fowler, the only Republican presently on the board, running with fellow Republican Wally Hauck.

District 2 features incumbent Democrat Susan Glennon, along with fellow Democrat Meghan Doyle and Republican Matt Macchio rounding out the field.

In District 3, Democrat Una Petroske is the only incumbent seeking reelection. Democrat Holly Mulrenan and Republicans William Legere and Renee Casey are all challenging for seats. And in District 4, incumbent Democrats Rita Hennessey and Cindy Wolfe Boynton are seeking reelection against Republican challengers Raquel Hernandez Bonassi and Dolores Rieth Hannon.

District 5 has incumbent Democrats Adam DeYoung and Emily McDonough Souza facing Republican challengers Bill Bevan and Terri Smith.

There are also races in three of the five districts for the Planning and Zoning Board, which has 10 seats, all of which are held by Democrats. Five of the 10 seats are up for grabs Nov. 2, and voters are asked to vote for only one of the two candidates in districts 2, 3 and 5.

In District 2, incumbent Democrat James Kader is running against Bob Tschilske, while in District 3, incumbent Democrat Jim Quish faces Republican Steve Visconti and in District 5, incumbent Democrat Carl Moore faces Republican Rick Vizziello.

For probate judge, Republican former alderman attorney Win Smith seeks the post against challenger Ben Gettinger.