Bits of Milford history

The Eels-Stow House, which is believed to be the oldest house in Milford and is one of the Milford Historical Society houses on Wharf Lane, was first constructed circa 1700. Its first owner was Samuel Eels, an after planter who migrated from Massachusetts. A veteran of the Indian Wars, he became a prominent Milford citizen.

In 1753 the Eels family sold the house to the Stow Family. Stephen and Freelove Stow moved in and renovated the house with improvements that included installing double hung windows.

Steven Stow would become famous for giving his life in nursing the smallpox victims of January 1777. He is known as “the martyr of Milford.”

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Other interesting historic tidbits:

• In 1825 the town bought a hearse for $70 and erected a garage for it at a cost of $37.

• On April 12, 1929 the Milford High School Glee Club presented the opera, “Carrie Comes to College.” The performance took place on the Central Grammar School stage.

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