BioClean turns to gas-free vans

BioClean, an indoor environmental testing and clean company based in Milford, is taking a step toward reducing its carbon footprint.

BioClean has put into service two 100% electric, zero emission vehicles, retiring two of its gasoline vans. The new vehicles are the Nissan Leaf, which use no gasoline or oil.

According to BioClean owner Ray Daneault, “We analyze everything we do as to how it impacts the environment. For instance, our mold remediation method uses an environmentally safe, enzyme-based technology which is a major departure from the harsh chemicals most often employed in the industry.

“Another staple of our business is  the use  of  a  100% green disinfectant, one which is completely safe for people, pets and the environment. Our goal is to give top customer service while ever mindful  of our environment.”

BioClean in Milford provides general cleaning, mold testing, mold remediation and water damage clean up services as well as broader bacteria, viral, and allergen testing and sanitizing.