BETHANY >> The newly rebuilt and slightly reconfigured Bethany Recycling Center is fully back to normal operation, with a few changes.

“The new hauler for the recycling center has changed the way we need to sort and discard some of our recyclables,” Bruce Loomis, chairman Bethany Solid Waste and Recycling Committee, said.

1. Plastics and cans: In the past plastics have been a separate item and cans have gone in the big metal trash bin.

Now plastics Nos. 1-7 and metal cans, aluminum cans, unsoiled foil and pie tins should all be combined and recycled together.

2. Cardboard: Cardboard is now limited to actual corrugated cardboard.

No longer should residents combine cardboard with cereal boxes and brown paper bags.

3. Mixed paper: This category now includes cereal boxes, paper board and brown paper bags previously recycled with cardboard.

A printed list of the current recyclables and the categories is available at the Recycle Center and also at the tax collector’s office where Recycle Center stickers are available for a car.