BETHANY >> Amity Middle School Bethany students in grades 7 and 8 recently participated in the New England Math League Contest.

The New England Contest consists of participating schools from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Contest questions are designed to cover a range of mathematical knowledge for each grade level.

Questions on the contests never require any mathematics beyond the grade level tested. The goal is to encourage student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems.

The top Grade 7 and Grade 8 school scorers are: Grade 7 Grade 8

1st Place Grade 7 Chris Fournier; Grade 8 Arnav Paliwal.

2nd Place Grade 7 Audrey Marin, Nick Cui, Grace Ha; Grade 8 Hannah Skiba.

3rd Place Grade 7 Riley Walsh, Amanda Robinson, Robert Farbman, Natialie Furst; Grade 8 Josh Feuerstein, Tam Vu.

4th Place Kevin Lu.

Individual students as well as grade-level teams were entered into the New England Contest. The results from the overall contest are:

• The 7th grade team placed 29th out of 91 schools and 2nd in New Haven/Fairfield County.

• Chris Fournier came in 4th place in New Haven/Fairfield County.

• The 8th grade team placed 2nd out of 90 schools and 1st in New Haven/Fairfield County.

• Arnav Paliwal placed 7th in the overall contest after a multi-way tie for first, second and third place. He also came in 1st place in New Haven/Fairfield County.

• Hannah Skiba placed 17th in the overall contest and 2nd in New Haven/Fairfield County.

• Josh Feuerstein and Tam Vu each placed 26th in the overall contest and tied for 3rd in New Haven/Fairfield County.