Bethany middle-schoolers to receive Scholars-Leaders Award

From left, Superintendent Charles Dumais, Clair Yuan, Kabir Khwaja and Principal Richard Dellinger.

From left, Superintendent Charles Dumais, Clair Yuan, Kabir Khwaja and Principal Richard Dellinger.

BETHANY >> Kabir Khwaja and Claire Yuan were selected to receive this year’s Scholar-Leaders Award sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Schools.

The program recognizes one boy and one girl from each middle-level school.

Kabir Khwaja

Team Black selected Kabir. Kabir excels in advanced level classes, and is taking geometry this year in the eighth grade while still maintaining a strong A to A+ average in all of his classes. In the classroom, Kabir is a consistent role model for his peers. He readily provides a thoughtful comment during class discussions. Kabir is very detail oriented, intuitive, and has strong logical reasoning skills.

He participates in Social Robotics, and the Debate, Math and Science clubs. He competes on the school teams for track and field and cross-country, as well as practices tae kwon do outside of the school.

Kabir performs on the trumpet and cello, and participates in the school band, jazz band, and orchestra.

Outside of school, Kabir excels at the cello and performs with the Greater New Haven Youth Orchestra at Neighborhood Music School, and has participated in Southern Regional Orchestra.

Claire Yuan

Claire Yuan is the Gold Team choice. Claire is a straight-A student whose cumulative numerical average in advanced academic classes exceeds 99 percent. Claire scored silver pin in the Math Olympiad Competition and is a member of the Social Robotics and Engineering program. She and her partner won multiple awards at the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair for their presentation on using flocculation to extract chromium 6 from water.

Clare plays flute in the AMSB school band and Connecticut Music Education Association Southern Regional Festival in grades 7 and 8. Also, she runs cross-country and swims competitively.

Students, their families, and staff representatives were expected to be recognized at the annual CAS Middle Level Scholar-Leader Banquet on June 4, at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington.