BETHANY >> Hand-crafted jewelry by the six-member Bethany Brass Band is on display through Friday, May 4, at Clark Memorial Library, 538 Amity Road.

There is a wide variety of styles, in silver and brass, often using internationally sourced beads. The jewelry includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets; it is for sale.

The Band is a jewelry-making cooperative of six current members whose roots date back to 1968, when a group of young mothers wanted to contribute attractive items to the Bethany Community School fall PTA sale. Through the years the group has met in each other’s homes, often with preschoolers in early years. Most members are now grandmothers.

The group was inspired by ethnic brass jewelry and began to fashion brass wire and sheet brass into earrings, necklaces, mobiles and ornaments, with help from artist Kiki Rabinowitz. Tapping of their little jewelry hammers on small anvils inspired the group’s name. For more than 45 years the group exhibited and sold in the annual Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, Celebration of American Crafts.

Remaining members, two of whom are “originals,” include Barrie Collins, Dotti Dierolf, Lenore Gottlieb, Ditas Johnson, Sue Rosner and Connie Richardson. About 22 women have been in the group over the years. Two turned professional when they left.

The library is open Tuesday-Saturday. Call 203-393-2103 for information.