Bethany candidates chosen by town committees for this May elections

BETHANY - Salvatore Amadeo was nominated to run for the town's top seat last week at the Bethany Republican Caucus. He a member of the local board of education. He is a longtime resident who grew up in Bethany and is purchasing agent for the Town of Wallingford. The full slate was not available at press time.

Derrylyn Gorski was enthusiastically nominated to run for a third term as the town leader at the Bethany Democratic Caucus. In accepting the nomination Gorski pledged to continue to look out for the town's best interests. The full slate of candidates is as follows. First Selectman, Derrylyn Gorski; Selectman, Steven Thornquist; Town Clerk, Nancy A. McCarthy, Town Treasurer; Lawrence B. Eisner, Tax Collector, David M. Forman, Board of Finance, Sally A. Huyser and Janet Brunwin; Board of Education, Ruth Ann Ornstein and James Stirling; Board of Assessment Appeals, Elizabeth Thornquist; Planning and Zoning, Norman Cole and Brian Fournier; Planning and Zoning Alternate Full Term, Marc Adelberg and Alan P. Towbin; Planning and Zoning Alternate Two Year Term, Clark Winchell; Zoning Board of Appeals, Carol R. Goldberg; Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, James Foley and Ruth Beardsley; Regional Board of Education, William Blake.