• Siobhan Ekeh of Milford is one of 16 Sister Antonine Signorelli, ASCJ, Scholars at Sacred Heart Academy.

• Amity Middle School Orange Team X celebrated Pi Day with interdisciplinary activities. Pi Day is March 14 because of its connection to the first three digits of pi: 3.14. Students wrote poems and made artistic creations to explain pi. They also had a computer scavenger hunt to learn interesting facts about pi, one of which was to locate the position of their birthdate in the numbers of pi. They measured several objects to find the relationship between the circumference and the diameter of their circular object and see how close they could get to 3.14. Last, they made a histogram, identifying how many of each digit there were in the 50 digits of pi. Of course, they were also treated to pie and oranges. Many students also made treats for their classmates.

• The following local students have been accepted at Delaware Valley University: Shannon Sanders of Milford, Synthia Saulnier of Milford, Korbin Betso of Milford, Veronica Feibusch of Milford.

• Jillian Ball of Orange, a doctor of occupational therapy student at University of the Sciences took part in the 13th annual OT pinning ceremony March 18.

• Brandeis University women’s fencing sophomore Renee Pite of Woodbridge has been named to the winter University Athletic Association All-Academic Team. Pite is one of 56 student-athletes from Brandeis and one of 639 from across the conference to earn All-Academic honors. She is a 2015 graduate of Amity Regional High School.

• Quinnipiac University student Daniel Brigham of Orange was chosen to attend to the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Feb. 1-5 in Bogota, Colombia.

• The following students, with their majors, graduated in December 2016 from Southern Connecticut State University.

Bethany: Erik Rooney BA MUS, Erik Rooney Bethany BS CMD, Melissa Stanford Bethany BS CMD.

Milford: Kaitlyn Barra BS BUS, Christopher Bockiaro Milford BA MDS, Jessica Fila Milford MS EDU, Nicole Fry Milford BS BUS, Nicholas Graham Milford MS ENG, Heather Gramelis Milford BS EDU, Heather Gramelis Milford BA IDS, Sanja Joksovic Milford MFT MFT, Kimberly Panettieri Milford BA IDS, Alison Rainey Milford BA LBS, Alison Rainey Milford BS EDU, Megan Rainey Milford BS EDU, Megan Rainey Milford BA LBS, Jessica Rodican Milford MS CSP, Michael Samir Shohdy Milford BS CSC, John Scaldini Milford BA HIS, Amna Siddiqui Milford BA IDS, Zachary Tarkhan Milford BS LBS, Kendall Thomas Milford BS BUS.

Orange: Taylor Baker Orange BS SED, Taylor Baker Orange BA LBS, Christine Boppert Orange BS EDU, Christine Boppert Orange BA LBS, Annmarie Demichiel Orange MS ENG, Giovanni D’Onofrio Orange MS SMT, Huma Khalid Orange BS BUS, Sara Livoti Orange BA IDS, Sara Livoti Orange BS EDU, Rebecca Matyasovsky Orange BS BUS, Andrew Mushin Orange BA MUS, Sarah Provenzano Orange MS EDU, Sarah Reeves Orange MA WMS, Daniel Robles Orange BS PSC, Lauren Tomaselli Orange BS EDU, Lauren Tomaselli Orange BA IDS.

Woodbridge: Sharief Ammar Woodbridge BS SOC, Charles Dunn Woodbridge BS BUS, Dante Micci-Smith Woodbridge BA PSY, Jesse Sanchez Woodbridge BS REC, Katherine Vuolo Woodbridge MSN NUR.

• Samuel Podell of Woodbridge, class of 2018 at Union College and majoring in psychology, is studying in the spring term in London, through coursework, internships and cultural activities.