Beckwith voted in as new GOP chairman

Milford’s new GOP chairman Paul Beckwith said the Republican message and image has gotten distorted in the past few years, and he wants  to change that.

After accepting his party’s nomination Thursday night to serve as town committee chairman, Beckwith said he hopes a spark here in Milford, which has a relatively long history of Republican control, will spread across the country.

“Republicans have taken it on the chin in the past years,” Beckwith said. “We can turn it around.”

Beckwith, a former Milford  alderman, school board member and finance board member, was tapped to fill the unexpired term of former chairman Lisa Bull DiLullo. DiLullo resigned after the November elections for personal reasons. The term runs through next March.

Republican Pam Staneski nominated Beckwith to take the seat, and Scott Marlow seconded the motion.

Staneski talked about Beckwith’s years of coaching Little League, then serving on various boards and commissions, and serving the community through his church.

“He embodies what the Republican Party should be,” Staneski said. “When you speak about Paul Beckwith, you speak about Milford.”

Marlow said he believes Beckwith has the ability to take the party where it needs to be in the coming years. He also thinks Beckwith will bring leadership to the party.

The Republican Party, once the majority in Milford, has lost that edge to Democrats in recent years. Where there were for many years a Republican mayor and Republican-controlled boards, there is now a Democratic mayor and Democratic-controlled boards. The city’s four representatives in Hartford are all Democrats.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” Beckwith said, adding that he will be calling on people to help move the party forward.