Beckwith and Smith retain leadership of respective town committees

Republican Town Committee Chairman Paul Beckwith has been re-elected chairman of his party, and Democratic Town Committee Chairman Rich Smith was re-elected to head his party during recent town committee meetings.

Smith said this makes him the longest serving Democratic Town Committee chairman, going on 14 years.

“Being chairman allows me the honor to work closely with some incredibly talented and thoughtful people, people with whom I share similar beliefs and convictions,” Smith said. “The town committee is made up of people who volunteer their time and energy in order to promote candidates and ideas.”

Smith said there have been eight Republican Town Committee chairmen during his own tenure as head of the Democratic Party. “They have all been great, dedicated  people,” Smith said.

Beckwith was initially elected to chair the Republican Town Committee in 2013, to fill the unexpired term of Lisa DiLullo.

After his recent re-election to the post, Beckwith said, “It is an honor for me to serve our party as its chairman, and I am grateful for the support shown to me over the last three years by party members.

“It is not always easy to be the chairman of the party,” he continued, “but the love I have for this great city drives me to ensure that our citizens have their voices heard through their elected officials and that the government services they deserve and expect are delivered to them in a timely manner.”

Smith and Beckwith both commented on their goals.

Smith said the town committee’s goal is “to continue to demonstrate what constructive and substantive policy discussion is and to continue to field good, quality candidates to represent our party in local, state and national elections.”

Beckwith said his party aims to elect Republicans to office, recruit new membership, “hold the Blake administration accountable to the needs of the community,” and provide the electorate with qualified choices to serve as aldermen, Board of Education members, and Planning and Zoning Board members.

“This year, our focus is to elect a Republican delegation to send to Hartford this November so we can make the needed changes to how Connecticut does business before we go down the fiscal abyss,” Beckwith said.

For the Republicans, Paula Smith was elected vice chairman, Diane Candido was elected secretary and Scott Firmender was re-elected treasurer.

For the Democrats, Charles Montalbano was re-elected vice chairman, Claire Casey was re-elected secretary and Ben Gettinger was re-elected treasurer.