Bank's solar carport delayed

Plans to install a solar carport in the Milford Bank parking lot at 119 High St. have been delayed about a month, due to needed revisions to the plans.

The bank submitted plans to install a solar carport along the fence line with the Milford Metro North Station on its 0.72-acre property located in the Milford Center Design District.

However, City Planner David B. Sulkis said those plans have been temporarily withdrawn due to the need to add a stormwater drainage system to the parking lot where none currently exists. Sulkis expects the application will be resubmitted for one of the board’s September meetings.

The proposed carport would be 250 feet wide and 22.5 feet deep and would cover about 24 parking spaces, leaving 17 spaces without a carport. The solar panels will be installed on steel columns resting on a brick pier with a 14.5 feet high minimum clearance on the lower side of the tilted panels.