First Selectman, Derrylyn Gorski, and Bethany Deputy Tree Warden, John Zovinka met with officials from Eversource on January 9 to understand their plans for the next phase of tree maintenance.  According to Eversource arborist, Erin Baer, this scheduled maintenance program is essential to their ability to prevent power outages caused by falling tree limbs from dead or decaying trees.  The plan covers trimming or removing trees along utilities' rights-of-way on town and private property deemed “too close to power lines on all 72 miles of Bethany roads.”

Eversource has already met with Bethany Tree Warden, Ray Pantalone to lay out the plan for various levels of maintenance based on the condition and reach of trees growing near power lines. Ms. Baer explained that the process includes placing information packets on the front door of affected homes in the planned area, obtaining property owners' written consent prior to any cutting or trimming, options for disposition of wood or mulch and the means to negotiate or appeal proposed trimming or cutting plans affecting the owner’s  property.

Details of the Eversource plan along with a color-coded road map and copies of the literature that will be left on the doors of affected residences are posted on the Town website under LATES NEWS at .  First Selectman Gorski is urging all residents who receive a door hanger from Eversource to respond as soon as possible.

Lewis Tree Service from New York is the contractor hired by Eversource to perform the work.