BBB: Warning about Seymour-registered company 'The Nerd Cave'

Within eight weeks, more than three dozen consumers from coast to coast have filed complaints with Connecticut Better Business Bureau about a Seymour, Conn. registered company, The Nerd Cave LLC, after paying for merchandise but receiving nothing. In addition, the company has failed to respond to 15 of 54 closed consumer complaints.

Consumers tell BBB that they saw ads for the business's custom T-shirts on social media and a variety of well-known websites. Buyers placed their orders and The Nerd Cave charged their credit cards, but they never received the merchandise. In several complaints and customer reviews, consumers say they repeatedly tried to contact the company without success. Others say even if they did get hold of customer service, they were promised things that were not followed through on.

The business is owned by Igor Dviniatin, and registered with Connecticut's Secretary of the State under his father's address in Seymour. BBB informed Dviniatin by mail when the first complaint was filed last April. He still has not responded to that complaint and several others received in the last two months.

The Nerd Cave first came to the attention of Better Business Bureau when BBB began to receive numerous complaints at a steady rate, sometimes as many as six a day.

The Nerd Cave has an F rating from Better Business Bureau.

As a result of BBB's investigation and Dviniatin's refusal to address a developing complaint pattern, the following warning has been added to the company's Business Review:

"On August 24th, 2016, BBB Serving Connecticut wrote to The Nerd Cave LLC regarding a pattern of complaint activity that has emerged. Complaints received by BBB against The Nerd Cave LLC indicate that items purchased are not received despite payment being made.


Additionally, consumers report having difficulty reaching customer service and those who are able to speak with customer service, are provided with information indicating a resolution that is not followed through.


While some complaints have been answered and/or resolved through BBB's conciliation process, others remain closed as the business failed to respond. To date, The Nerd Cave LLC has not responded to BBB's request for an outline of how the business plans to address the above outlined pattern, and the pattern remains."

As a result of BBB's investigation and several communications with the principal, the company began responding to and settling complaints.

Despite best efforts, BBB records show 15 complaints still remain unanswered.

When The Nerd Cave has responded, it has been sporadic. Some consumers say the business did refund their money, but others who were told they would get a refund on their credit cards say they are still waiting for their refunds.

Connecticut Better Business Bureau received complaints from consumers in at least 24 states. Merchant agreements with credit card companies allow sellers to charge a card when merchandise is ordered.  However, there is another issue regarding the company's late deliveries.

Under the Mail, Internet or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule, sellers must ship merchandise within 30 days of ordering, unless otherwise specified in advertising or by mutual agreement with the consumer. If an order doesn't arrive within that time period, the vendor is obliged to inform the buyer that the delivery will take longer, and offer to cancel the order for a full refund within one credit card billing cycle. Consumer complaints say the company provided no such disclosure to its customers.

Connecticut BBB is continuing its efforts to get The Nerd Cave to settle with unhappy customers.

Better Business Bureau urges consumers to check companies' Business Reviews before making a purchase, and using a credit card when shopping online. In the event of a dispute, you may consider filing a written complaint or use our online complaint handling system.