Audubon building in Milford closed as water damage repaired

Repairs have started at the Connecticut Audubon Society’s Coastal Center at Milford Point, where a frozen pipe caused water damage in February.

“Remember the cold snap in mid February? Unfortunately my colleagues and I at the Connecticut Audubon Society's Coastal Center at Milford Point are still feeling the effects,” Center Director Cathy Hagadorn wrote in an email message this week.

“Monday morning, President's Day, we found a disaster: a pipe had frozen and burst, and water had poured out into the great room and animal exhibit teaching area.”

The damage was extensive, and Hagadorn said she had no choice but to shut down the building, the porch and the observation tower to the public.

“Nothing inside the big room could be saved, including the equipment for our Osprey Cam,” she wrote.

The staff and volunteers are working long hours and assessing the loss for the insurance company. Crews are fixing the floors and repairing the other damage, according to Hagadorn’s email.

During repairs, the preserve surrounding the building remains open, according to the Audubon’s website. That includes the parking lot, the parking lot observation platform near the marsh, and the boardwalk and observation platform leading to and overlooking the beach and Long Island Sound.

“But the building itself, the observation tower and the yard immediately surrounding the building are all closed while we work hard to make the repairs,” the website states.

In her email, Hagadorn said that the center would appreciate any donations and notes those can be made by going to the website:

“These have been trying days but we are optimistic,” Hagadorn wrote.