Auditions for Footloose

SEP 27 – OCT 3 (5pm – 9PM)

Open Call Sep 29

Director: Daniel Schmidt

All are welcome

Location: Arts in CT, 64 Ridge St, Milford, CT 06460

Ph:(203) 936 8567

Entrance: Bus Ramp

All Age Musical-Footloose

Some important dates:

Actors Workshop: Saturdays,October 5-Dec 14. 10am-2pm

Auditions: September 27-Oct 3 with Open Call Sep 29 9am-12pm

RSVP for timeslots from 5pm-8pm

Production Week: December 10-14

Performances: December 15- 7pm

Where-Arts in CT, 64 Ridge St, Milford, CT 06460

Directions- sing 16-32 bars of song in the style of the show. Perform a one-minute monologue.

Dance-prepare a dance piece to show your style of dance in jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap or hip hop.


Ren McCormack

Ren is seen as a young rebel always getting into trouble, but at heart he is an energetic young man who is

dealing with the pain of his father’s absence. He emotes this pain through his quirky sarcasm and by dancing.

Reverend Shaw Moore

Reverend Moore is the most powerful figure in Beaumont. He is a stern, strict, solemn man with a booming

voice who runs the town with an iron fist. However he also has a tender side and is struggling with the loss

of his son.

Ariel Moore

She is the preacher’s daughter. At first glimpse it would appear that she is the perfect girl; beautiful, perky,

energetic. But look closer and you will find that she is her father’s worst nightmare. She is energetic, strong

willed, sharp tongued, and aware of her sensuality.

Vi Moore

The strong-willed preacher’s wife who holds the moral fiber of Beaumont in her upright stance. She feels she

is losing her husband and daughter and doesn’t know what to do. She ultimately is responsible for holding

her family together after its terrible loss.


Ariel’s friend. Comedic. A bit of a ditz but knows everything about everybody.

Willard Hewitt

A simple country bumpkin with a warm heart and a big crush. He quickly befriends Ren and shows him the

rules and regulations of living in Beaumont.

Ethel McCormack

Ren’s mother. She is a strong willed, outspoken single parent who would do anything for her son.

Chuck Cranston

A motorcycle riding, foul mouthed, leather wearing, trailer park product who takes one look at Ren and

realizes that there’s only room for one bad boy in this town. He is dating the one girl that Ren obviously has a

crush on, Ariel.


Ariel’s friend. The smart one of the group.

Wendy Jo

Ariel’s friend. Doesn’t say much but sure knows a lot about Beaumont and the town rules.

Lyle, Travis

Chuck’s friends.

Bickle, Garvin

Willard’s country friends.

Various townspeople, parents and teenagers. You will play the same character throughout the play EXCEPT for the

opening of Act Two, when you will be the patrons of a country-western bar outside of town.