Assistant principal charged with harassing teacher

A Harborside Middle School assistant principal who has been on leave since Aug. 22 for allegedly harassing a teacher was arrested last week and charged with further harassment.
According to police, Steven Marchetti, 40, of Seymour, sent text messages and then had flowers delivered to the teacher at school on Sept. 11 after being told to have no further contact with the woman.

The alleged harassment has reportedly been going on for several months, and the school board and police told Marchetti earlier that he was to have no contact with the female teacher.
The Harborside teacher told police that on Sept. 11 she received flowers at work delivered by Beachwood Florist. An accompanying card stated, “...from an eternally grateful friend” with a drawing of a smiley face.
The teacher had reportedly been friends with Marchetti, but tried to end the friendship because it was affecting her family life at home.
Still, Marchetti continued to send the teacher text messages, according to police.
On Sept. 11, a man who would only identify himself as “Steve” purchased flowers from Beachwood Florist in Milford and had them sent to Harborside Middle School. A shop employee told police he thought the order was odd because the purchaser called after he’d left and wanted to add to the message he’d written on a card.
According to a police report, the purchaser wanted to add a note saying the flowers were “from Steve” and not from the teacher’s husband.
“[The employee] stated this was a very unusual transaction and took note of the customer’s description.”
Marchetti told police he sent the teacher the flowers because he was trying to “end a chapter of his life” and wanted to thank her for helping him when he was going through a difficult time.
He also told police he was just trying to maintain a friendship with the teacher.
Marchetti was scheduled to appear in court on the charges Sept. 13, and according to court documents, the matter was continued to Oct. 17. Also, Marchetti was referred to the court’s family relations officer.
School officials said they could not comment because it is a personnel matter.