Asian supermarket expected to open in spring

A late spring opening is planned for an Asian supermarket with a food court called New York Mart at 804 Boston Post Road, the location of the former M&M Farms.

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) voted unanimously at its Feb. 6 meeting to approve a special permit with an amendment to the site plan originally approved on March 15, 2016.

Architect Raymond Oliver said the change was to install a paifang, a Chinese-style arch, instead of the originally proposed sign on the northwest corner of the property. Oliver said the paifang is coming from China and would be carved from solid granite with traditional Chinese figures and would be topped with clay tiles.

Oliver said this would be a “landmark gateway for Milford,” saying there is a paifang at the entrance to Chinatown in Boston. He said it would be set back 20 feet from Route 1, and would include room for a small eating area with a table and benches. The change would result in a loss of two parking spaces.

Oliver said the parking lot and walkways would be paved once the asphalt plants open in April with the store  opening perhaps by May. He said construction has taken a long time due to the poor condition of the original building.

Board member Scott Marlow said when the project was originally approved, parking was a concern. At the 2016 hearing, he asked for a plan for employee parking and a promise that people would not park along Orange Avenue.

The project had 65 parking spaces, now reduced to 63 spaces. Under the city’s parking regulations, the food court would require an additional 24 spaces. At the 2016 hearing, Oliver said that some of the market shoppers would also use the food court, reducing the need for parking. A market official said in 2016 that employees would be shuttled from other locations.

Oliver said the applicant purchased a nearby property with a single-family house that is located in a commercial zone that could be used for 14 parking spaces. He said the owner could return with a plan for a parking lot.

The revised proposal received no public comment. At the 2016 hearing, four neighbors expressed concern about how the market would affect them.

NYM Milford LLC owns the property and market. The LLC lists Long and Lily Deng of Long Island City, N.Y. as members. The property is located in the Corridor Design Development District 1 (CDD-1).

NYM Milford LLC purchased the 1.39-acre property on May 28, 2015 from Brookside Holdings LLC for $1.3 million. The 19,382 sq. ft. building was constructed in 1975.

Board Chairman Jim Quish said he was an early supporter of the project, saying, “I think this will be a great thing.” Quish encouraged the market to remove the plywood fence around the property that was erected for the construction phase.

In other business, the board also unanimously approved an application of Cyprus Builders LLC for a special permit, site plan review, and coastal area management site plan review for an elevated single-family house on a vacant lot at 32 Milford Point Rd. The property is located in the R-7.5 zone. Bejaca Properties LLC is the owner. It purchased the property on May 9, 2017 for $152,500.