Area mom's photo stolen for article that went viral

An article that has gone viral on Facebook and the Internet about a Detroit woman who allegedly gave birth to 14 children uses a photo stolen from the Milford Mirror website.

The Milford Mirror is investigating the use of the photo, which was taken at Milford Hospital in January of 2015. The Milford Mirror article and the accompanying photo feature an area couple and their newborn baby, the first baby born at the local hospital in 2015.

This photo has absolutely no connection to any articles about a woman reported to have had 14 children.

The family members in the photo published on the Milford Mirror website last year are upset about the sudden and inaccurate notoriety.

HAN Network, which publishes the Milford Mirror, is also investigating the improper use of the photo. Milford Hospital officials, who actually took the photo and had permission to share it with the Milford Mirror, are looking into the matter as well.

“The photo used in the viral post  is the property of Milford Hospital and was shared with the Milford Mirror with consent of the family," states a hospital press release. "The use of this image under false pretense is reprehensible. Hospital authorities responded to the viral posts, calling for the immediate withdrawal of the photo. The offending website and their Facebook threads have now identified the story as a hoax."