Animal officials remove pets from hoarder's home

Animal control and emergency officials removed a number of animals from a house in north Milford today.
Milford Health Director Dennis McBride said the situation involved hoarding, and a number of agencies got involved in trying to fix the situation over the years.

But agency officials decided they needed to take measures today for the safety of the people and pets in the home. McBride said he couldn’t say how many pets were in the house, but he noted that at about 2 p.m. animal control officials were still removing animals.
Animal Control Officer Rick George was outside the home, along with several other officials, but could not comment on what was taking place.
An official at the animal control office said the office was closed because staff was involved in a large undertaking. Animal control vehicles from other towns were at the Milford animal control office.
McBride said the matter is still under investigation, and he pointed out that hoarding can become a community problem, and it’s not limited to one section of the city or another.