BETHANY — Surreybrook Preschool and Child Development Center has gotten quite the makeover. Amity Regional High School’s chapter of The National Art Honors Society has donated their time to paint a mural on the walls outside in the daycare’s playgrounds.

The mural project was organized by the owner’s daughter, Mary Consoli, who is the current secretary on the board of NAHS and has been working at Surreybrook for 2 1/2 years. Both the preschool and NAHS are benefiting through the mural project. NAHS provides a beautiful, vibrant mural for the children who attend the preschool and Surreybrook provides an opportunity for N.A.H.S. members to meet their yearly service requirements. Students can even add their hours spent helping on the mural to their Amity community service sheets.

The project started when Amity’s school year began, which this year was one week late due to the power outage from Hurricane Irene and then was postponed once again due to another power outage during the Halloween snow storm. As a result, NAHS will be continuing the mural in the spring once the outside temperatures have gotten warm enough for the paint to properly adhere to the walls. Despite the delay, the few walls completed have been a warm addition to the daycare’s already inviting environment.