Aldermen start department budget reviews tonight

The Board of Aldermen will review department requests for the 2013-14 budget according to the following schedule.

The meetings take place at 7 p.m. at Milford City Hall.

April 22

The Board of Aldermen will meet with the following

Registrar of Voters (p. 15)

Milford Government Access Television (p. 16)

Community Development (p. 20)

Economic Development Commission (p. 31)

Law Department (p. 24)

Ethics Commission (p. 25)

Probate Court (p. 26)

Public Library (p. 35)

Health Department (p. 79)

Health Services (VNA) (p. 91)

Education Health Services/School Nurses (p. 95)

Board of Finance (p. 26)

Department of Permitting and Land Use (p. 27)

Board of Assessment Appeals (p. 29)

Zoning Board of Appeals (p. 29)

Housing Code Board of Appeals (p. 34)

Flood and Erosion Board (P. 30)

Veterans Ceremony and Parade Commission (p. 33)

Tree Commission (p. 30)

Park, Beach and Recreation Commission (p. 31)

Recreation Department (p. 82)

Conservation Commission (p. 32)

Personnel Department (p. 41)

Pension Board (p. 30)

Civil Service Commission (p. 31)

Mayor’s Office (p. 17)

General Expenses (p. 19)

Board of Aldermen (p. 14)

City Clerk (p.22)

Elections (p. 14

April 24

The Board of Aldermen will meet with the following:

Beth El Shelter (p. 92)

Council on Aging (p. 87)

Animal Control (p. 59)

Fire Department (p. 51)

Civil Preparedness (p. 58)

C-Med (p. 89)

Harbor Commission (p. 109)

Human Services Department (p. 90)

Boys and Girls Club (p. 92)

Housatonic River Estuary Committee (p. 34)

Fine Arts Council (p. 87)

Bridges Community Support (p. 89)

Regional Mental Health Board (p. 88)

Borough of Woodmont (p. 88)

Golf Course (p. 112)

Transit Authority (p. 89)

Veterans Graves (p. 89)

Milford Flotilla (p. 90)

Historic District Commission (p. 92)

Historic District II (p. 91)

Milford Progress, Inc. (p. 91)

Cemetery Association (p. 91)

April 29

The Board of Aldermen will meet with the following:

Management Information Systems (MIS) (p.39)

Police Department (p. 43)

Board of Assessment Appeal    (p.29)

Finance Department    (p. 37)

Lights, Hydrants, Water (p. 62)

Public Works Office (p. 63)

Highway/Parks (65-68)

Building Maintenance (p. 69-71)

Engineering Department (p. 72)

General Garage (p. 74)

Solid Waste (p. 76)

Wastewater (p. 101-105)

Sewer Commission (p. 98)

Public Debt Service (p. 78)

Employee Benefits (p. 84)

Benefit and Salary Reserve (p. 106)

Private School Textbook – State Mandate (p. 92)

Unallocated Contingency (p. 106)

Education Audit Fees (p. 93)

School Debt (p. 93)

Employee Benefits – Non Teaching (p. 93)

Education – Health Insurance Contribution (p. 94)

May 1

The Board of Aldermen will meet with the following:

Education Operations   (p. 94)

May 13

Consideration and voting. May 16, 20, 23 and 28 are also reserved for voting if there is considerable discussion and debate.