Aldermen postpone action on commercial truck parking rule

After lengthy discussions Monday night, the Board of Aldermen postponed action on expanding a city ordinance so that motor homes and commercial vehicles cannot be parked overnight on city streets.

The ordinance in question deals with the parking of trailers, semi-truck trailers, boats, campers and other vehicles.

The aldermen talked at length about how to word the ordinance so it would not inadvertently impact people who own and drive large pickup trucks. Several aldermen thought the ordinance might have other unintended consequences, such as discouraging boaters and jet ski users from using Milford's shoreline.

The aldermen decided they need more information and need to explore more appropriate wording on revisions to the ordinance before taking action. So they postponed, by a vote of 8-6, discussion and action until a future date.

(Check back later for more on this issue)