Aldermen deny AT&T request for new cell tower on Eels Hill

The Board of Aldermen voted Monday night to deny a request by AT&T to build a new cell tower on Eels Hill.

AT&T wanted to build a 135-ft. tall monopole antenna, adjacent to an existing 100-ft. tall monopole antenna on city-owned land on Eels Hill Road.

The current antenna is used by Milford emergency services, including the police and fire department, but is too short to add AT&T’s cell phone equipment.

If the 135-ft. tower was approved and built, the Milford equipment would have been moved to the new tower, and the old tower would have been removed.

Residents have been vocal in recent weeks in objecting to the taller tower, citing health and aesthetic concerns.

The aldermen voted unanimously Monday night to listen to those residents and deny the application.