Aldermen adopt budget with modest tax decrease

Taxes for the typical homeowner will go down $11 next year with the 2018-19 budget the Board of Aldermen approved Tuesday night, marking the third consecutive year in Milford for a modest tax decrease.

The typical homeowner in Milford is described as one owning a house with a market value of $317,800.

The mill rate drops slightly under the plan, from 27.79 mills to 27.74 mills.

There were various changes to the plan that was submitted to the aldermen by the Board of Finance — some technical changes, some updated figures based on state revenues, and some line item changes suggested by the aldermen. The bottom line, however, remained essentially the same.

Among the changes the aldermen made was an addition to the Board of Education budget of $80,000. During the finance board’s earlier review of the budget, finance board members voted to cut $361,500 from the Board of Education recommended spending plan, which was earmarked to cover additional school building projects next year.

The aldermen discussed the issue for a while before voting to add the $80,000, which several members pointed out was not the entire $361,500, but showed good faith because the school board members had voted unanimously to fund the additional projects.

Check back for more details about the budget vote and resulting 2018-19 budget, and look to next week's print issue of the Milford Mirror for complete coverage.