Affordable housing projects move to public hearings

Two proposed affordable housing projects are appearing at public hearings before the Inland-Wetlands Agency in May before heading to the Planning and Zoning Board for an additional round of public hearings.
The agency is conducting a public hearing on a proposed 63-unit community at 701 North Street. The hearing will take place at 7:30 p.m. on May 6 in Conference Room C at the Parsons Government Center.
The developer is Stone Preserve LLC, of 500 Boston Post Road, Milford, of which Arnold Peck is the manager. There are no wetlands on the site, but there are wetlands on the adjacent Orchards Golf Course owned by the city, and on a privately owned lot to the southwest.
The hearing is taking place because the application calls for construction, parking and grading within 150 feet of an offsite wetland or watercourse in the Wepawaug River watershed.
The North Street application has yet to be filed with the P&Z, so there is no date yet for that public hearing.
When it comes before the P&Z, the application will be filed under the state's affordable housing regulations, Connecticut General Statute 8-30g, which overrides local zoning rules, but not inland-wetland regulations.
Wheelers Woods Hearing
The Inland Wetlands Agency will conduct a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. on May 13 in Conference Room C at the Parsons Government Center on a proposed 180-unit apartment complex on a property zoned for office use on the west side of Wheelers Farms Road.
The hearing is necessary because the apartment complex is within 100 feet of wetlands in the Housatonic River watershed and within 150 feet of wetlands in the Wepawaug River watershed. There are two areas of wetlands on the property, but there are no plans to fill or directly impact the wetlands. The agency conducted a site walk on April 28.
The Wheelers Woods project returns to the P&Z at 7:30 p.m. on May 19 for a public hearing at City Hall. The public hearing opened on April 21, but the board deferred any testimony from the applicant or commentary from the public until May 19, at which point the application for the P&Z is expected to be complete.
Wheeler Woods LLC of Lakewood, New Jersey is requesting a change in the zoning regulations to create a new Housing Opportunity District (HOD). The applicant is also filing for a zone change from DO-25 (Design Office) and R-A (one-acre residential) to the proposed HOD zone. Finally, the applicant is asking for approval to construct the rental community.
Meadowside Road plan
An 1879 house is slated to be demolished as part of an 8-30g application for 335 Meadowside Road, scheduled for a P&Z public hearing at 7:30 p.m. May 5 at City Hall. The one-acre property is zoned R-12, a single-family zone.
The property owner is 335 Meadowside LLC, which lists Christopher F. Field of 17 Beacon Hill Lane, Milford as the managing member.