Woodbridge Animal Control has a dog for adoption whose breed is not seen at animal shelters often. Beau is a neutered male, young juvenile, St. Bernard dog, about 80 pounds in the classic breed coloration. His personality is that of a big puppy, driven by curiosity and play. Master B is good with adults, older children and friendly dogs, with cats an unknown. What he needs is more socialization from a large breed experienced family or individual with a fenced-in yard a must. Providing Beau with firm guidance will be essential to bring out his best. You will not need to look for him when you enter the kennel. He will be right there, front and center. Beau and other dogs and cats are available for adoption at Woodbridge Animal Control in Woodbridge. The shelter is located at 135 Bradley Road and can be reached by phone at 203-389-5991.