The District Animal Control has a cute, little Beagle for your adoption this week. Dolly was recently found wandering the wilds of Bethany.

This small, 25 pound, tricolor, young adult is a little cautious at first but warms quickly to an attentive human. She is very friendly and surprisingly quiet for the breed as she rarely barks. Dolly is gentle, unobtrusive and would be good with adults, children of all ages, and dogs, but cats are an unknown. When you enter the kennel, you’ll have to look for her because she doesn’t make a ruckus. You don’t know it yet, but your visit will be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Dolly is available for adoption at the District Animal Control in Woodbridge. The shelter is located at 135 Bradley Road and can be reached by phone at 203-389-5991 or online at www.petfinder/shelter/CT118.