Act smart on Halloween

The Milford Police Department Crime Prevention Unit is offering the following tips to help prevent accidents and incidents of crime during Halloween festivities taking place this week. Police contend that Halloween night has increasingly become more of a child safety concern.

They cite increased foreign objects found in treats, increased reports of attempted child abductions and the general risk of sending children to strangers’ homes during the evening as reasons why parents should be concerned.

With the safety of children in mind, police are offering several suggestions to both parents and their children.

Use makeup instead of masks for costumes, as masks can block vision. Use reflective strips or tape to increase visibility after dark and wear light-colored costumes.

Use a flashlight so you can be seen by motorists and to help you see where you are going.

Use fire-resistant materials when making a costume so as not to catch yourself or your children on fire.

Avoid wearing loose-fitting costumes that could cause you to trip and fall, as such falls may result in severe injury and possible hospitalization. Likewise, the bag you use to collect treats should be small enough so as not to cause you to trip or fall.

If you are a child and plan on unsupervised trick-or-treating, be sure to tell your parents or guardians the route that you will be traveling.

Avoid carrying sharp or pointed objects as part of your costume, as these objects my cause serious injury to others or yourself.

Travel with friends or a group of people. Carry a cell phone in case of emergency.

Stay away from open flames, which could cause costumes and you to burn.

Cross streets only at an intersection, looking both ways before crossing. Cross streets only in a lighted area. If your vision is blocked by a mask, take it off before crossing.

Stay away from unlit homes or homes that are poorly lit or otherwise seem suspicious.

After you have completed your trick-or-treating safely, be sure to inspect all treats you have received and avoid eating any item that is not completely factory wrapped.

Police would also like to remind residents that Halloween is an event for enjoyment, not for anti-social acts that will endanger the safety and property of others as well as themselves.

Do not damage other people’s property and avoid those friends who may cause mayhem and damage to their surroundings.

Remember, you can be arrested and held responsible for the damage you have caused or helped to cause. You may be held financially liable for such damages.

Milford police would like you to contribute to making Halloween an enjoyable tradition for everyone.

Happy Halloween.