Accident details may provide clarity

The nation and this area have seen a lot of tragedy of late. When we talk about the Newtown shooting, we talk about loss and suffering on a large enough scale that everyone takes note, everyone hurts.

But the tragedy that took place here after the Blizzard of 2013, when a local family was hit by a car as they were walking on Bridgeport Avenue, is no less a monumental loss.

Brenda and Kevin Tanski were a Milford couple with children who went through the local school system. Between work and their family and friends, they had full lives.

Both died of their injuries.

The accident left their two grown children suddenly without parents and with scars from having witnessed the accident. The only saving grace is that the children managed to escape serious injury.

This is likely the worst pedestrian accident Milford has seen, and people need to know what caused such tragedy. There was snow on the road and visibility was probably less than ideal. The family was walking on the shoulder of the road because the sidewalks hadn’t yet been shoveled.

Were there other safety factors involved that came into play here?

People need a more detailed explanation from investigators as to the cause of the accident, so that steps can be taken if need be to assure it won’t happen again.