ASD Fitness Center, a fitness center for individuals on the autism spectrum in Orange, will hold a free workshop, “Back to School and Beyond: How to Manage Your Child’s Special Education Journey” on Sept. 17, at 6:30 p.m. The center is located at 307 Racebrook Road in Orange. Registration is recommended.

The speakers will be Lawrence W. Berliner, special education law attorney, and Dr. Shelley Pelletier, neuropsychologist and school psychologist. Parents will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Topics will include: Your child’s basic educational rights; The Turning Point: What to do when your child is struggling and the school is not responding to your child’s needs; Demystifying the role of the Attorney, Neuropsychologist and the PPT Team; The evaluation process: School evaluation and the parents’ right to an IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation); and Social /emotional and cognitive/learning issues.

To register for the workshop, email Angela Degrassi, executive director at ASD Fitness Center at, or call 203-553-9508.