AMSB pupils take home STEM awards

411 amity beth stem_2
411 amity beth stem_2

BETHANY >> Students in Amity Regional Middle School Bethany Technology & Engineering Education Teacher Kevin Berean’s Social Robotics and Engineering Research Program competed recently in the annual Science and Engineering Fair held at Quinnipiac University.

The program launched five years ago to provide students with a strong interest and ability in STEM with an opportunity to experience research in preparation for similar pursuits in high school and beyond.

The fair brings more than 500 of the best science and engineering projects from around the state for a week of intense competition. For five years, the team has taken home multiple awards and prizes for research projects.

This year, the students won a total of 39 awards including the following: Shyam Viswanathan (Vision Shoe): Karen J. Howell Middle School Award for “Learning and Serving” $1,000; William Livesay, Joshua Feuerstein, Arnav Paliwal (The Clean Drain): Barnes Aerospace Applied Technology Awards-1st Place Middle School, UTC Aerospace Systems Award for Excellence in Engineering-4th place 8th grade; Wendy Zhang, Claire Yuan (Using Flocculation to Extract Chromium 6 from Water): Barnes Aerospace Applied Technology Awards-2nd Place Middle School; Jonathan Fischman (Waterbot): Pepsico Physical Sciences Awards-3rd Place and an invitation to compete in Broadcom MASTERS; Evan Gorelick, Peter Savelyev (Plainaid): Xerox Computer Science Award-2nd Place Middle School, Pepsico Physical Sciences Awards-3rd place-Physical Sciences MS Team and an invitation to compete in Broadcom MASTERS; Christopher Hill, Benjamin Lee (Water Turbine): Energize CT/eesmarts Alternative/Renewable Energy Award-3rd Place Middle School, Dreams Unlimited Award; Kabir Khwaja, Samuel Green (The Energy Band): Energize CT/eesmarts Alternative/Renewable Energy Award-2nd Place Middle School; Nikhil Mali (Pen-nik): Alexion Biotechnology Awards-4th place-Biotechnology 8th grade; Aamnah Malik, Kathleen Inclima (Using Nanotechnology to Clean Oil Spills): National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award, Barnes Aerospace Applied Technology Awards-Middle School Finalist; Weiss Yuan (Estinguish-Bot): Office of Naval Research-U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps Award, Pepsico Physical Sciences Awards-Finalist, plus many other awards; Cameron Luciano (Injur-Knee): Barnes Aerospace Applied Technology Awards-Middle School Finalist.