‘A world class facility’ - Mayor updates field progress at Milford high schools

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox

MILFORD — Milford athletes may soon be playing on one of the finest fields around, according to Mayor Ben Blake.

Blake, at an in-person special meeting of the facilities’ building committee Thursday at Law, said turf fields at both locations are on track to be completed on-time.

“Everything is seemingly on track. It will be a world class facility,” said Blake.

The meeting was led by building committee chairman Richard Jagoe, and the team that works with him. Project contractors were also in attendance.

The Kelly Martin Tighe Field, located at Jonathan Law, should be substantially complete by November, Blake said. It will take another month to go through the punch list items, but the field will be ready to play on in the spring for all of the spring sports, he said.

“My great hope is that we are going to be back to a relatively normal season,” Blake said. “The high school has already changed the spring sports seasons a little bit. Now there is a football season that is wedged in between the winter sports season and spring sports season.”

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) pushed back the spring sports season slightly due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the seaons will go further into June than usual, he said.

The turf field at Joseph Foran High School will be used by local groups and organizations in Milford such as the school’s soccer and lacrosse teams, the Boys & Girls Club, the Milford United Soccer Club and the Milford Mustangs lacrosse team.

There are weekly site meetings between project leaders, contractors and committee members. Every other Thursday, there is a committee meeting to discuss project details.

For more about the project, read here: Construction underway for new sports fields in Milford.