A realtor who has character to spare - Thumbs up

Water Pollution Control Authority member Nick Mastrangelo is truly a class-act. He chose the high road last week after his charactcer was attacked by members of the public who called for him to recuse himself from voting on whether to allow a sewer connection for Sunrise Hill Estates, a proposed age- restricted housing community on a portion of the former Hine property off Grassy Hill Road and Derby Avenue.

Even though each and every member of the five-panel commission agreed there was no conflict of interest and Town Attorney Vin Marino conferred as well, Mastrangelo chose to make sure his vote would not be misconstrued and used for political purposes.

In a memo to the chairman he outlined why he was recusing himself.

"I was disheartened to see an Orange resident recently suggesting a potential conflict of interest relative to the Sunrise Hill matter currently pending a vote by the WPCA. I felt that your polling of all board members, the town attorney in addition to me, was a very fair, professional and appropriate way of addressing a single objection that is now two. The Orange residents deserve an unchallenged outcome following the WPCA vote, not a political showdown as it appears some may want this to be. I have been an Orange resident my entire life. I put my reputation and ethics at the very top of my personal and business models and have diligently served Orange and local residents over the past 25 years…"

Although Mastrangelo did not have to recuse himself he chose to make sure the process was without conflict. He chose to do everything he could to spare the community he calls home any additional burdens. He is a stellar example of a human being. And we are glad he resides in Orange.

- Bulletin editorial